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Geaux Flow Under Sink: 2-Stage System

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Improve your water with the ultimate balance of affordability and filtration with the dual-stage system. Start with a 20-micron pre-filter and add a second filter based on your needs. We offer options for removing smell and color, as well as for a variety of other specific issues.

Your first set of filters is included 😊


Additional Details

  • Save Money - Fill reusable bottles from your tap for cold, clear, refreshing water later!
  • Healthier Skin - Leave skin soft and supple instead of dry and leathery!
  • Cleaner Dishes - No more watermarks on your dishes!
  • Clean, Safe Water - L'eau Mor dual stage filter System comes with two quick connect filters: First stage is the  fluoride removal filter that will remove up to 95% of fluoride from your water depending on the flow rate. This filter is rated for 5000 gallons or up to 1 year. The second stage filter removes 99.9% of chlorine, taste, odor, heavy metals and many other contaminants found in municipal water! Rated 8,000 gallons or up to 1 year.  Change out both filters at the same time for added ease.
  • Flow Rate - 1.5 gpm

Easy to Install and Maintenance Free

  • The L'eau Mor in-line water filter installs in just minutes requiring no maintenance and fitting neatly under your kitchen or bathroom sink. Comes with easy-to-understand installation instruction and the fittings you need to connect it to your faucet water line.

Easy to Replace

Replace the filter in a matter of seconds by detaching it from the permanent head with a counterclockwise twist of the wrist. Thread the new filter into the head clockwise. With the new Dual Stage Quick Connect Cartridge series there is no need to turn your water valve off again to replace your filter. It has a twist tap in-head valve system, which automatically turns the supply water off when the filter is detached from the head. No tools, No drips, No hassle.

Geaux Flow Under Sink: 2-Stage System