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Geaux Flow Whole House: Replacement Filters

Replace the worn-out, tired filters in your whole home system. 

Geaux Flow I - Stage 1 filter removes larger sediment and particles with a 20-micron pre-filter. If you have only 1 filter in your house choose Stage 1 Filter

Geaux Flow II - Stage 2 filter eliminates heavy metals, chlorine, volatile organic compounds, and any off-putting tastes or odors. For an added layer of protection.

Geaux Flow III - Stage 3 filter tackles iron and sulfur to eliminate unpleasant smells and discoloration.

Geaux Flow IV - Stage 4 filter designed specifically to remove fluoride.

*For your convenience, our pricing begins with our Stage 1 water filter.  If that is the filter you need to replace, then simply check out or subscribe to that filter.  

Choose your replacement based on the water filter system you have and the type of issue you are targeting.

*If you have a single-stage system, choose the stage 1 replacement option.

*Stage 2 Filter - chemical filter is always chosen for this stage.

*Stage 3 Filter - choose between the iron/sulfur filter OR the fluoride filter for your system.  

While the image looks the same, the contents of each Stage vary according to what you wish to remove.

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Stage 1 Filter Details

  • Also used in Single-Stage Systems
  • Comes standard at 20 Micron
  • Washable and reusable
  • Lasts up to 3 months
  • Depending on your local water quality, you may need to change out as soon as every 30-days

Dual-Stage Filter Details

  • Target brown water (iron - causes premature rusting) and a nasty egg smell (sulphur)


  • harmful contaminants like lead and cysts, and fuel discharge (oil etc.)

Triple & Fourth Stage Filter Details

Get the best of all worlds.

Ditch the rust, brown water, gross smells, and the highest level of contaminating chemicals.

Keep the healthy minerals your body needs.

Our Stage 4 Filter is designed to remove fluoride. All 4 provide optimum filtration protecting you and/or your family.