Our Startup Story

We are a family owned and operated business located in Covington, Louisiana with rich, deep ancestral ties to Louisiana.  We love our life here and having been born and raised in the South, we know all too well the challenges of living here and one is and has always centered around......WATER.

It's wonderful to meet you and we are happy to show you why we believe our company and its' products are truly the best for you and your family.  

Hello, my name is Caroline Bacon, Co-Founder of L'eau Mor.  I, very much a city girl, who grew up right outside of New Orleans, LA met my husband, the opposite of me, a very outdoorsy, some would say country fella from Mobile, AL, while we were students at Spring Hill College.  I got my degree in Early Childhood Education and Michael got his degree in business, and his MBA from South Alabama.  

For Michael and I, water has played a big part of both of our families livelihoods and places we called home. 

In 1984, way before Michael and I met, his family’s business began manufacturing water filtration products and systems.  He grew up in this industry and started working for them in the summers of high school and college.  There is no one as educated and knowledgeable in the water filtration industry as Michael and his family with almost 40 years' experience.

Our combined mission focuses on the development of dependable solutions that provide the greatest value to our customers. Easy to install, and simple to maintain, providing safe and clean water for everyday use and consumption.  We have seen the many benefits of using the filters ourselves and have shared the products with many family and close friends and we look forward to serving you and your family.


From Our Family To Yours

Water, while such a simple word, has so many meanings especially to those of us who live in the south. 

Water is life and the source of renewal; refreshing and calming for your soul. Sha, c'est la vie ~

What would life be without water?