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Geaux Flow Whole House: 3-Stage System

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Our Whole House Triple-Stage Filter System cleans the water before it enters your house so that you and your family can be safe and enjoy clean, pure water for drinking, bathing & washing. 

Geaux Flow I stage 1 20-micron pre-filter removes large particles and sediment in the water. 

Geaux Flow II stage 2 filter removes chlorine, taste and odor, heavy metals, and volatile organic compounds.

Geaux Flow III stage 3 removes iron and sulfur (brown and smelly water)

L'eau Mor's Triple Stage Filter System comes with three separate filter stages so that your water quality provides peace of mind for you and your household. The Second Stage Specialty Filter is a Custom Cartridge made especially for your water treatment requirements. Many well water applications require iron and sulfur treatment, specific heavy metals such as arsenic, and hard water with excessive mineral content. 


Geaux Flow Whole House: 3-Stage System