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Geaux Flow Whole House: Single-Stage System

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The Geaux Flow I Single Stage Filter System is the simplest and most affordable way to ensure that your entire home is protected from harmful impurities. This compact and efficient unit is easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. Its powerful filtration process removes sediment and contaminants from your water supply, leaving you with clean and fresh-tasting water straight from the tap. Ideal for households with minimal water contamination concerns, the Single Stage Filter System is an economical solution that gets the job done.

Comes standard with a 20-micron sediment filter. 


More Reasons Why + Benefits

Single Stage Whole House Filter comes with one stage for the following types of homeowners:

  • Homes that use well water but that already have "point of use" water filters systems installed inside the house, and just a need a Pre-filter to remove sediment from the water before it enters the house.
  • Homes that use municipal, or city water, but that want an additional level of filtration prior to the water entering the house. These homes would use the Primary Filter to remove 99.99% of contaminants from the water.
  • Homes that have high incidence of certain naturally occurring minerals or contaminants may require a single Specialty Filter.

The Single Stage Filter can also be used for other Purposes, such as:

  • Organic Gardening: Filtering your water before watering your lawn or garden ensures that no chlorine or other chemicals are polluting your grass or vegetables.
  • Boat or Car Wash: Washing your boat or vehicle with filtered water leaves it cleaner, without water spots, and reduces rust, stains, and corrosion.

Convenient to Install, Easy to Maintain

The Whole House Filter comes with everything you need for assembly including easy-to-understand installation instructions and a shut off valve for cartridge replacement.


Select the filter that is right for you!  The Single Stage Whole House Filter comes standard with a 20 Micron Pre-Filter (Standard), but also provides you with the option to select other filters to meet your water treatment requirements. To select the filter that is right for you, simple click on the drop-down under the "Filter Type" button.

Filter Options:

20 Micron For homes with Medium Sediment (Standard)

  • 5 Micron: For homes with Low Sediment.
  • 50 Micron For homes with High Sediment.
  • 1 Micron Absolute Extremely Low Sediment.
  • Iron & Sulfur Reduction:Removes Iron, Hydroge Sulfide gas and Sulfur from the water, eliminating bad tastes, odors, and brown and yellow staining.



Geaux Flow Whole House: Single-Stage System