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Geaux Flow Under Sink: 3-Stage System

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This triple-stage system comes with everything you need for installation, including easy-to-understand instructions, and can be installed with just a few common household tools. It fits neatly under any sink and is easily maintained by replacing the Stage I filter.

This system comes with a 20-micron pre-filter to remove sediment, a second-stage iron and sulfur filter, and a third-stage Primary Filter. 

The Stage II and III filters last for up to 1 year.


Additional Details

Pre-Filter, Sulfur & Iron Filter, & Primary Filter 

  • Geaux Flow Triple Stage Under Sink Filter is a water filter system designed for households whose primary source of water is a well rather than municipal water. This three-stage filter system comes standard with a Pre-filter, Iron & Sulfide Filter, and a Primary Filter. The Pre-filter removes sediment to increase the life and effectiveness of the primary filter. The primary filter removes 99.999% of most contaminants. The Iron & Sulfur Specialty Filer removes naturally occurring iron and sulfur, which are naturally occurring contaminants which occur the most frequently in well water situations.

Safe, Clean Water for Drinking, Bathing, and Washing Dishes. 

  • Geaux Flow Under Sink Well Water Filter fits neatly under your kitchen or bathroom to filter your well water so that you and your family enjoy safe, clean water for drinking, washing veggies, dishes, or washing your hands and face.

Why Multi-Stage Filters?

Well water does not undergo the pre-filtering that municipal water does, so it requires an additional stage of filtration to remove sediment before it reaches the primary filter. This increases the life and effectiveness of the primary filter, reducing maintenance costs and saving you money. The Primary Filter is made to remove contaminants while the Pre-Filters remove the visible contaminants.

Modular Design - Choose the filters that are right for you

The modular design of the Geaux Flow filter lets you select the correct filters for your well water application.

  • Stage I: Pre-Filters
  • Stage II: Iron & Sulfur Filter
  • Stage III: Primary Filter

Easy to Install and Maintenance Free

  • The L'eau Mor in-line water filter installs in just minutes requiring no maintenance and fitting neatly under your kitchen or bathroom sink. Comes with easy-to-understand installation instruction and the fittings you need to connect it to your faucet water line.

Easy to Replace

Replace the filter in a matter of seconds by detaching it from the permanent head with a counterclockwise twist of the wrist. Thread the new filter into the head clockwise. With the new Dual Stage Quick Connect Cartridge series there is no need to turn your water valve off again to replace your filter. It has a twist tap in-head valve system, which automatically turns the supply water off when the filter is detached from the head. No tools, No drips, No hassle

Larger 20 inch and 40 inch Duplex, Triplex, and Quad systems are available for Whole House and Commercial use.

Geaux Flow Under Sink: 3-Stage System